Brand Story

At Tiry Originals, we design for you: the woman who wants to feel good about herself, the woman who finds beauty in her flaws, the woman who embraces color.

The world is much too negative and you’re ready to show up with an upbeat and positive vibe. However, mass-produced jewelry is not utilizing color to its fullest potential- to uplift your mood, to bring out confidence, to inspire others around you. Department stores just don’t carry jewelry that invokes these positive emotions, which leaves you feeling disappointed.

I believe in the power of color and exclusive design to transform our days, and I feel that every woman deserves a colorful day!

Like you, I have searched for jewelry that was more than pretty. I wanted it to allow me to feel happy, which is precisely what inspires my pieces. I want every woman to look beautiful and feel happy.

It’s easy to work with me:

  1. Shop here

  2. Choose your favorites

  3. Be happy

So, visit our latest collection.  And in the meantime, I would love for you to become an Inner Circle Member – Join Here.

So you can stop wearing bland accessories and start sharing your beautiful positivity.