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Jewelry that inspires you... to be YOU!

If anyone knows how disappointing it is when you can't find the jewelry that leaves you feeling good about yourself, it’s me.  

Patty of Tiry Originals

If you’re like me, you’ve spent countless hours in department stores that don’t carry items to represent your individuality. Everything is mass-produced and nothing makes you feel special.  

You’ve likely wondered if color-celebrating, stylish jewelry even exists.

There’s a lot more to you than just your jewelry. But did you know that jewelry can actually be used to express your true self?  Color enhances your mood and puts a spring in your step.

I know that when you dress for the day, you want your amazing personality to shine through, and it’s unfair that commercial jewelry tries to box you in.

Like you, I want my jewelry to evoke an emotion from within. I want it to inspire others, to drive compliments, and to be eye-catching.    

Red Black Teal Silver statement  Bold jewelry


For the past 15 years, I’ve helped hundreds of customers just like you fill their jewelry box with personality and experience the joy of having a perfect piece that spruces up both their outfit and their mood.

It at all started when I needed to buy a gift for my mother-in-law. I searched and searched for the perfect piece. Everything was so commercialized. Everyone had them. That wasn’t good enough for my MIL. I really wanted something unique; something that was as special as she is to us.  

Handmade Wedding Dress Patty Tim Tiry

The solution was somewhat familiar. See, when I was getting married, I couldn’t find the perfect wedding dressBut I was an avid seamstress so I made my own wedding dress. Yes, you heard that right. No, it wasn’t my line of work. It was a hobby that I honed in on and knocked it out of the park for my wedding day. I knew I could do the same here. With the mind of an engineer, and my past experience with design, I knew I could create the perfect piece for my mother-in-law… and then I made it my mission to do this for you.  

Handmade Wedding Dress

I am committed to helping you express yourself in color, so you can stop feeling forced to conform and be muted.

The process is simple — Become an Insider, enjoy the many benefits of being a VIP.

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You can find the piece of jewelry that not only adds a pop of color but makes you feel positive and ready to start the day and helps you start your day feeling uplifted.

Once you join my Inner Circle VIP membership, you’ll have taken the first step to finding your perfect piece of jewelry that will not only make you feel delighted, but you may get a compliment or two.

We believe that color is magnetizing. It shares its happiness. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less. You deserve to look and feel confident.

Our jewelry helps set the tone of your day so that you can feel great about yourself, inside and out. 

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