Caring for your Jewelry

Caring for Your Jewelry

The following information will ensure the longevity of your jewelry piece by providing you with tips on how to wear, store and clean your jewelry. You will experience long-lasting pleasure from your treasured items.


Polymer clay is waterproof and fade resistant, so if cared for properly, they should last for many years.

However, due to frequent wear, it is possible for make-up to stain the earrings and dust may be found on the surface.

To clean the polymer clay earrings, simply use a piece of moist soft fabric and wipe it gently. 

You can also use a tooth brush with a soft bristle to get rid of dirt and dust on the earrings.

In addition, we recommend:

  1. Always take your jewelry off BEFORE you wash your hands, swim, or apply lotion. You should also take it off before you do sports or household chores.

  2. Remember to wear the jewelry only AFTER you have applied body care products like perfume, body cream, make up or hair spray.

  3. Make sure jewelry is protected from direct sunlight, sharp blows, harsh chemicals found in household cleaning products, and extreme temperatures.

  4. Sometimes a more thorough cleaning is required.

  5. Crystal/Glass Jewelry should not be immersed or used in ultrasonic cleaners, as it will dull the polish on the stones.

  6. Be sure not to use jewelry cleaner because it is too harsh!

  7. Dip a soft cloth (use a mild liquid detergent) in soapy water, squeeze out, and gently rub the beads, but do not immerse. 

  8. Wipe the surface a second time with another damp cloth (no soap) so as to remove any soap residue left behind. 

  9. To dry, rub gently with a soft and dry cloth.

  10. Please ensure your jewelry is completely dry before storing after cleaning.


All of our jewelry is nickel & lead free! 


You should store your jewelry airtight to prevent tarnishing, as humidity is the enemy of precious metals. Not only are bathrooms convenient but they are also the worst possible places for jewelry storage. Ziplock bags work well for this. Do keep in mind that items should not be stored in the same bag; they can scratch each other. By leaving link bracelets or chain bracelets unclasped or unhooked, you can avoid scratching as well. The humidity in your jewelry box can be reduced by adding a piece of chalk, an activated charcoal packet, or a package of silica gel.