5 Fun Facts about the Color Red!

The Color Red

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5 Fun Facts about the Color Red!

One color that has come to be associated with February is red. Here are 5 fun facts about the color red that will show you there a lot more to red than red roses on Valentine’s Day.

1. Red seems closer than it actually is.

Red has a long wavelength and, although it isn’t the most visible color, it has the appearance of being nearer than it really is, allowing us to pay attention – as if it were saying ‘pay attention.

Red is not shy or retiring at all; this makes it the ideal color for traffic lights, stop signs, signboards, and any other type of signage where you want people to notice you. The same can be said about people in general.
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2. Red doesn’t make Bulls angry

We’ve seen the images of the matador waving their red flag. We were led to believe the color red was to make the bull angry. The thing is, they can’t see red.
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3. Color in culture red

Color symbolism or the concept of color in culture has a different meaning in different cultures, red being one of them.

Red, for instance, is the color of passion and lust, so we see a lot of red Valentine's Day cards, flowers, and gifts.

Red is also the color of the Chinese New Year, that people present cash in red envelopes in lieu of gifts. In China it symbolizes long life, prosperity, and good fortune, and is a traditional bridal color.
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4. Red animals that are actually Orange

The red breasted robin, the red squirrel, and the red fox aren't actually red, but rather orange. In fact, the word for orange was first used (recorded) in 1512, a long time after our furry friends were found.

Interestingly, we saw no need to change their names – would we become accustomed to robin orange breast, squirrel orange and fox orange?

5. The psychology of red

Color is a captivating phenomenon as it can affect our thoughts, feelings, and reactions in an instant.
The vibrant energy of the color red causes us to react on a physical level.

It’s the color that gets our pulse racing and motivates us. We’ll feel stronger and have more drive and stamina since we’re in a state of excitement. It is due to passion, desire and yes, lust that love means so much to us. As well as feeling frustrated, angry, and overwhelmed, we can also feel overwhelmed.

This is a very strong color. At times, a little bit is all you need.
What is the relationship between you and red? Do you surround yourself with it, do you avoid it or do you take it in small doses?
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Here are some more Fun Facts about the Color Red.

  1. Red is the last color in the visible spectrum.
  2. Together with the orange and violet, it stands in contrast.
  3. More than 23 shades of red exist.
  4. Red translates to “beautiful” in Russian.
  5. The sky can be red at the sunset.
  6. Geological features sometimes are red, such as the Grand Canyon.
  7. Red color is caused by hematite or red ochre.
  8. Red also resembles blood.
  9. It is connected to sacrifice, danger and courage.
  10. Red roses symbolize love and are commonly used on Valentine's Day as a gift.
  11. Did you know that seeing the color red stimulates the heart?
  12. Black roses don't exist, but the ones that look like black are, in fact, deep red.
  13. According to surveys which were conducted in Europe and in the U.S.A., red is also the color most commonly associated with heat, activity, passion, sexuality, anger, love and joy.
  14. Our flag has red stripes to symbolize courage
  15. On the other hand in China, India and many other Asian countries it is the color of symbolizing happiness and good fortune.
  16. Wearing red wedding dresses traditionally brings good luck to Chinese brides.
  17. The Red Planet is a nickname given to Mars.
  18. The present abundant iron oxide on the surface gave it a reddish tone.
  19. Fire is associated with flames, but fire itself isn't actually red.
  20. A red lipstick is considered essential for every woman.
  21. The soles of Louboutin shoes are distinctively red.
  22. According to a survey, men dressed in red have higher appeal to women.
  23. The same is true for men since women in red are also very attractive.
  24. Red hair is a rarity, but it does exist.
  25. Santa Claus wears the world’s most famous red uniform.
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